Our Story


The story of O'Bryan's Nine Irish Brothers begins 30 years ago, when founder Jerry O'Bryan told his wife, Jan, that if his other business didn't work out, he wanted to open an Irish pub. Jerry's business, The Hairman, ended up being a campus icon, but after 30 years, two children and a grandchild, Jerry finally decided it was time to realize his dream, an authentic Irish pub serving traditional Irish fare, Guinness by the pint, and featuring live music and the friendly, upbeat atmosphere typical of Irish pubs world-wide.

Irish pubs (short for "public house") have long been the gathering place of friends and co-workers, family and teammates. A rainy afternoon or evening in Ireland will find people gathering in the local pub to have a pint, listen to music, dance, warm up by the fire, and tell stories. The idea of coming together with friends old and new is what we strive to replicate. Our goal is to be the place of choice for gathering with friends to share good conversation, good food and drink, and lively music in a friendly and upbeat environment.

Family as Our Core

Nine Irish Brothers is family-owned, family-designed-and-built, and family-run. And family has quite a bit to do with the name, of course. Over the course of several trips to Ireland, we've been able to hand-pick our furniture and decor for each location. We've also spent an inordinate amount of time "researching" pubs in Ireland and have modeled our pub after our favorite spots, from Garvey's on Ayre's Square in Galway to Johnnie Fox's on the northern outskirts of Dublin. Stop by and ask for one of the family to show you around!